Helen Mirren Is Stunning At Nobel Peace Prize Concert

12/12/2011 12:30 | Updated 22 May 2015

Rosario Dawson.

helen-mirren-rosario-dawsonHelen Mirren and Rosario Dawson in Oslo. Photo: Getty Images
When it comes to choosing gowns for such glamorous occasions, Mirren never fails to pick a sensible, sophisticated style that suits her shape and last night was no exception.

The star looked stunning as she addressed the crowd in a floor-length navy blue design. We imagine that after she'd spotted Dawson in that dazzling gold number, Mirren decided that she didn't want to be left out of the glitter game. She added her own version of Christmas sparkle by pairing her dress with a sequin embellished bolero. Not quite enough to out do her co-host's look, but a chic, stylish and easier-on-the-eyes choice all the same.

How do you rate Helen's latest look? Let us know and take a look below to see her style evolution.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=925075&pid=925074&uts=1282570827

Style Evolution - Helen Mirren

A 19-year-old Mirren oozed sex appeal in a 1966 theater production of Anthony and Cleopatra. Clad in a tight, thigh-baring white gown, the actress gave audiences a sneak peek of her now-legendary curves. Style Evolution - Helen Mirren Mirren hit the bleach and the beach for 1969's Age of Consent, for which she rocked a pale pink bikini and a perfectly bronzed bod. Style Evolution - Helen Mirren A 23-year-old Mirren played the ingenue role perfectly in this outdoor shot. Love the long blonde fringe! Style Evolution - Helen Mirren In 1973's O Lucky Man!, Mirren upped the glamour with a teased-up 'do and plenty of bling. Style Evolution - Helen Mirren In 1975 Mirren went the femme fatale route in this slinky black dress and red lips. Shame about the poodle perm. Style Evolution - Helen Mirren In another shot from '75, the actress tapped into her Russian roots in this exotic head scarf. Style Evolution - Helen Mirren Mirren rocked the hippie-chick look in 1976, donning a peasant skirt, see-through blouse, and (eek!) striped socks worn with peep-toe sandals. Where's the fashion police when you need them? Style Evolution - Helen Mirren The racy 1976 film Caligula starred Mirren in some highly dubious maternity wear. Most painful bra ever? Style Evolution - Helen Mirren For the 1978 play Agamemnon, Mirren added some edge with kohl eyeliner, a serpent bracelet, and face paint. Style Evolution - Helen Mirren No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That is indeed Dame Helen wearing a ridiculous purple costume (not to mention a perm!) in the 1980 Peter Sellers comedy, The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu. Style Evolution - Helen Mirren


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