The Perfect 10: Honeymoon Destinations

12/12/2011 13:12 | Updated 22 May 2015

Soak in an infinity pool on Jade Mountain, kayak the Bora Bora coast or sneak across the border to Scotland. Just some of our honeymoon hotspots...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=911832&pid=911831&uts=1280748256

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations


This Caribbean paradise, located between Mexico and Guatemala, has a mellow vibe, tropical rainforests, great diving and Mayan ruins, plus English is the first language. We recommend Blancaneaux Lodge, owned by the film director Francis Ford Coppola, which offers special deals for newly-weds looking for a different kind of romantic getaway. With its crystal-clear swimming pools left by the Privassion River, which runs through the lodge, and horse rides into the mysterious depths of Belize's interior, this fabulous retreat may just fit the bill.

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations Bora Bora

Before you ask, yes, the sea really is that colour around the Tahitian island of Bora Bora. This is possibly the main reason why it is often referred to as the most romantic island on earth. Here, you can wake up in a thatched, overwater bungalow, go kayaking in the tropical waters along the hibiscus and palm-dotted slopes of the coast and enjoy dinner on a private catamaran, soothed by the sound of Polynesian music. More information at: Tahiti Tourism

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations Greece

Save money on the airfare by going less far afield and really treat yourselves once you arrive. Charter a yacht and go island hopping or simply watch the sun set from your whitewashed hotel. Kefalonia is one of the most romantic islands in Greece with its impossibly blue sea and luscious volcanic mountains. Stay at the Peratzanda Hotel for the ultimate in laid-back luxury.

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations Scotland

Not everyone's idea of romance is a blisteringly hot beach, so if you and your partner enjoy walking, awe-inspiring scenery and a dash of history, then Scotland could be your ticket to the perfect honeymoon. Stay at the luxury Cameron House on the banks of Loch Lomond, enjoy the roaring fires, sumptuous furnishings, the dramatic scenery and the whisky coffees.

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations St Lucia

See the famous Pitons (volcanic plugs), explore the rainforest or just sit back and absorb the spectacular landscape in this gem in the Caribbean. Hidden away is a beautiful little 600 acre resort called Jade Mountain. Perhaps the most amazing thing about it is the extraordinary coastal landscape, which is best enjoyed in the hotel's luscious infinity pools perched over the bay. The resort has a pleasingly organic, stress-free feel, incorporating the lush countryside with stone and wood architecture. Also, with absolutely no televisions, telephones or radios, it is a getaway in the truest sense.

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations Thailand

From the cute Malacca-styled houses and bustling markets of Phuket to its world-famous beaches and tropical scenery, this Thai island resort is a great place to get soppy with your new spouse. From Phang Nga Bay to James Bond Island and the Grotto Caves, Phuket will pour the honey into your moon. More information: Honeymoon Phuket

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations Turks and Caicos

A Scuba diver's paradise with miles of coral reefs and pristine beaches. Check out the Nikki Beach Resort, which has a secluded beach all of its own, an infinity pool and enormous, seductive beds. A package here includes a limousine from the airport, spa treatments, jet-skiing, more spa treatments, boat trips, more spa treatments. You get the picture. Five-course champagne dinners on the beach are included as standard, naturally.

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations Zambia

The Chundukwe horse trails (viewed in the picture with the spray of Victoria Falls in the background) are a great way to get to know the vast natural arena of Zambia. A stay at a safari lodge surrounded by so much wildlife could be a way to unleash the wild inner you. Safari now offers a range of deals tailored specifically for newly-weds.

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations Croatia

If exploring islands is your thing, Croatia's got a thousand of them dotted around the stunningly pristine Adriatic. How about a trip to Istria, famous for its picturesque towns, beaches, endless forest-clad hills and thermal springs. The obscenely pretty coastal town of Rovinj, with its mass of painted houses and spires overlooking the sea, was part of the Venetian Empire for 500 years, and more than a little of Venice's stately beauty remains here. More information: Maistra

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations New Zealand

If you've got around three weeks off work, then it may be worth the day-long plane ride to discover the Oscar-winning landscapes of New Zealand. If you and your partner have a passion for the great outdoors then this is likely to be your dream destination. Here you can do extraordinary things like dangle in a skyline gondola over Lake Wakatipu. More information: New Zealand resorts

Perfect 10 honeymoon destinations
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