Alan Carr Does Jodie Marsh, Louis Walsh Does Cheryl Cole For Magazine Shoot

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Heat Magazine
Heat Magazine

Honestly, you wait for two male TV stars to get dressed up and photographed as female celebs and then two come along at once. Typical!

Although when we say 'dressing up', that isn't strictly true in Alan Carr's case as he donned an itsy bitsy bikini to pose as the newly muscle-bound Jodie Marsh for the special Christmas double issue of Heat magazine.

"I look like a human skid-mark!" he joked. "Jodie looks amazing, so feminine. I can’t be arsed to put in the effort to be honest.

"I wish GaGa had a bod like this. Then I could combine the two and create my all-time favourite heat makeover!"

And Alan wasn't the only one embracing his feminine side, Louis Walsh was getting in on the girlie action too by dressing up as his old X Factor colleague Cheryl Cole.

"I texted Cheryl months ago to say I was going to dress up as her," he said "And she said, 'Do it!'"

He added: "I think she'll howl with laughter when she sees it. Simon [Cowell] will love it too, because I think he secretly likes drag queens!"

We're ever so slightly scared.

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Heat magazine's special Christmas double issue is on sale now and features Joey Essex as Frankie Cocozza, Arg & Lydia as William and Kate, Spencer from MIC as David Beckham, Shona McGarty as Tulisa and Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent as Britney and Rihanna.

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