Hot Or Not: Colin Firth's Christmas Waxwork

13/12/2017 11:46 GMT

Colin Firth has become the latest celebrity to be immortalised in wax at the London branch of Madame Tussauds and doesn't he look lovely?

Hot or not: Colin Firth's waxwork Real Colin Firth and Fake Colin Firth. Photos: PA

The museum unveiled their take on Mr Firth this morning, referring to him on Twitter as 'a Christmas treat'

If you're hoping to find a Christmas treat of your own under the tree this year, be warned - a full-sized wax Colin takes four months to complete and costs a slightly wallet-busting £150,000...

Oh, and FYI he's wearing a black textured tuxedo with a bow tie and pocket hanky. Because this is totally a fashion-relevant story and not at all an excuse for the editorial team to look at pictures of Colin Firth and then do a YouTube search for "Mr Darcy lake scene".

Speaking of which: