The Return Of Rachel Zoe's Maroon Cropped Sequin Jumpsuit

15/12/2011 15:17 | Updated 22 May 2015

Rachel Zoe - a woman who could even teach Kim Kardashian a thing or two about being a one-woman branding machine - arrived at the ZOE Media Group launch party (re)wearing an Yves Saint Laurent sequinned and cropped jumpsuit.

The return of Rachel Zoe's maroon cropped sequin jumpsuitPhoto: Getty Images
Some thoughts:

1. This sequinned jumpsuit is ever so slightly see-through under camera flash bulbs

2. And it's so so so shiny

3. And how does one wash a garment like this?

4. And Rachel Zoe has a brand called AccessZOEries?

5. But the outfit somehow works. How can that possibly be? How is this happening?

6. We would like a sequinned jumpsuit

7. We would like to have an invite to an occasion where a sequin jumpsuit is appropriate

8. Although we could just wear it to the office...

9. Wait one moment! Didn't she wear the exact same thing to the YSL S/S 2012 show during Paris Fashion Week?

10. Yes. Yes she did.

The return of Rachel Zoe's maroon cropped sequin jumpsuitPhotos: FilmMagic/
Well, having solved that mystery, we're off to find a sequin jumpsuit appropriate occasion to crash attend.

To cater to your glittering needs check out the shopping gallery below:


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