Bored of Christmas telly? Settle down with a nog of eggcup and enjoy these clips from 10 TV comedy classics on YouTube.

From Cartman to Blackadder, Father Ted to French And Saunders, we ho-ho-hope you enjoy them. And if we didn't include your favourite - well, tell us in the comments below (and include a YouTube link so we can watch it, too!).

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  • South Park: Cartman Sings 'O Holy Night'

    The only thing funnier than Eric Cartman singing 'O Holy Night'? Eric Cartman getting poked with a cattle prod every time he forgets the words to 'O Holy Night'.

  • Morecambe And Wise... And Andre Previn

    What is there to say about Eric and Ernie's 1971 Christmas Special encounter with Andrew Preview that hasn't been said already? Probably nothing. Although I could try writing all the wrong words <em>but in the right order</em>.

  • Blackadder's Christmas Carol

    "Humbug! Humbug!...Humbug, Mr Baldrick?" The <em>Blackadder</em> Christmas Special, broadcast in 1988, sees our hero undergo a massive personality shift - as he starts the episode as the nicest man in England, but winds up as the despicable, vile Blackadder we all know and love.

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

    This clip's got Vince Guaraldi's swinging 'O Tannenbaum', Charlie Brown's pathetic little Christmas tree - and Snoopy dancing his heart out on Schroeder's piano. Enjoy a slice of a bittersweet American comedy classic.

  • Father Ted: Lost In The Lingerie Section

    Father Ted, Father Dougal and six other priests take a wrong turn while Christmas shopping and end up lost in the lingerie section of a huge department store. It's what Jesus would have wanted. <a href="" target="_hplink">Watch the full episode (in high quality) at 4OD</a>

  • French And Saunders: Catherine Zeta Jones's Christmas Message

    "It's a great honour to be talking down to you today..." The French And Saunders Christmas Specials have always been, well, special. But Dawn's Christmas message from Her Majesty the Queen of Wales - complete with Welsh-stroke-Los-Angelean accent - was a particular highlight.

  • A Muppet Family Christmas

    We Brits may know and love <em>A Muppet Christmas Carol</em> - but this 1987 American TV special is just as adorable. Get a load of the opening scene, where we're introduced to Fozzie's mother, Emily Bear, who's planning to head to Malibu for Christmas... until all of the Muppets turn up. And yes: she says "Wocka wocka!" too.

  • Frasier: Miracle On Third Or Fourth Street

    Think you're having a bad Christmas? It surely couldn't be worse than Fraiser's: rowing with his father, unable to see his son (who's being whisked off to Austria for the ultimate <em>Sound Of Music</em> experience), and stuck listening to other miserable people's problems. A classic, from the very first series.

  • Only Fools And Horses: Batman And Robin

    Because it's the law to include this clip in any festive TV comedy round-up.

  • The Office Christmas Special

    <em>The Office</em>'s two-part Christmas Special doesn't just have laughs - it's got pathos, to boot. And none more so than in this clip, in which Dawn opens her present from Tim; and David Brent actually hits it off with a woman. Adorable stuff, and a modern classic.