Michael Jackson's Items From Final Days Sold At Auction For $1 Million

19/12/2011 16:25 | Updated 18 February 2012

A mirror on which Michael Jackon wrote inspirational notes to himself has been sold for $25,750.

The mirror was part of an armoire - just one of a motley collection of items snapped up by fans and collectors, keen for a souvenir of the superstar who died in 2009.

The handful of Jackson items were among belongings of the house in which the singer spent his final days have been sold at auction, with profits totalling almost $1 million.

The bed where Jackson's body was found by the now incarcerated Doctor Conrad Murray had been due to be included in the sale, but was removed from the catalogue at the request of the singer's family.

The rug beneath the bed sold for more than $15,000.

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