Clever Ways To Counteract Your Christmas Calories

Counteract Your Christmas Calories

First Posted: 24/12/11 17:54 Updated: 24/12/11 17:54

Christmas is a time for indulgence, but sometimes, it's easy to go oerboard and gorge on the endless supply of chocolate treats and festive nibbles.

With the average Brit piling on half a stone over the Christmas period and consuming nearly twice their salt RDA in one sitting, while we all want to eat, drink and be merry, it might be wise to keep check on the calorie counts.

But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your favourite Christmas treats. Simply keep active and you can enjoy your cream covered mince pie or your chocolate feast from the Quality Street tin.

Find out how you can counteract the Christmas calories with fitness tips from York Fitness.

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  • Mince Pies

    Having a mince pie at Christmas is almost the law (well, sort of), but when you get a taste for them, they can turn into calorific fat traps. <strong>Calorie count:</strong> 185 calories (and that's before you add brandy butter, cream or custard). <strong>Counteract the calories with:</strong> 15 minutes of press-ups (around 100)

  • It's easy to consume your body weight in Quality Streets, but if you knew how many calories they contained, it might steer you away from the colourful tin next time... <strong>Calorie count:</strong> 268 calories (for six Quality Street chocolates). <strong>Counteract the calories with:</strong> 18 minutes of moderate skipping.

  • A Glass (or two) Of Wine

    Having a Christmas tipple (or two) isn't a crime.... is it? Well, it is if you're calorie-counting, so make sure you drink in moderation to avoid packing on the pounds. <strong>Calorie count:</strong> 185 calories (for two). <strong>Counteract the calories with:</strong> 20 minutes of continuous lifting of light weight Kettleball weights.

  • Pigs In Blankets

    These tasty bites are a Christmas dinner staple, but too many of them will turn you into a little porker. <strong>Calorie count: </strong>375 calories (for five) <strong>Counteract the calories with:</strong> 35 minutes on the exercise bike

  • Christmas Cake

    Your mother's Christmas cake may be legendary, but when you've eaten nearly the whole cake, it might be time to share it around... <strong>Calorie count:</strong> 249 calories (for one slice). <strong>Counteract the calories with:</strong> 23 minutes of running/ jogging on the treadmill (12kph).

  • Christmas Nuts

    It's all too easy to subconsciously dip your hand in the bowl of Christmas nuts, but bear in mind that these seemingly healthy snacks are loaded with calories. <strong>Calorie count</strong>: 256 (for a handful) <strong>Counteract the calories with:</strong> 28 minutes of knocking out a punchbag continuously