Elvis The Crocodile Steals Lawnmower From Australian Zookeeper (Video)

28/12/2011 11:17 GMT | Updated 28/12/2011 17:26 GMT

There just aren't enough crocodiles called Elvis out there. There just aren't enough crocodiles who like stealing lawnmowers out there, either.

Thank the lord for Elvis the lawnmower-stealing crocodile then, who recently snapped himself a mower as his keeper was attempting to do a bit of gardening in his enclosure.

Weighing in at around 500kg and stretching snout-to-tail a 5 whole metres, Elvis is not a crocodile to be messed with, so when keeper Billy Collett found his mower snapped out of his hands and left at the bottom of a pond, he went to get help.

Gathering some other keepers at the Australian Reptile Park, a two-pronged attack was executed, with Elvis being lured out of the water by food at one side while operations manager Tim Faulkner dove in to rescue the contraption - as well as two massive teeth Elvis had snapped off stealing the thing.

The mower looks like its bitten the dust, alas, but at least someone's going to get a pretty natty crocodile-tooth necklace sometime soon...