Police release 'How do I defrost a turkey?' 999 call (AUDIO)

31/12/2011 11:16

Just before Christmas, emergency services released examples of daft 999 calls in a bid to prevent others from wasting their time. Unfortunately, if this is anything to go by, it didn't work.

Even after being warned that his phone could be blocked for wasting police time unless he had a "genuine emergency" the man persisted with his enquiry.

"It is an emergency. Do I take the giblets out before I defrost it?" he can be heard asking before the disgruntled handler cut him off.

Greater Manchester Police, which handles 1,400 emergency calls each day, have now released the audio of the bizarre call in the hope it will prevent other time-wasters on New Year’s Eve.

Diane Grandidge, GMP’s business lead for call handling, said: "With our busiest night approaching we are preparing to receive thousands of emergency calls, and silly pranks or thoughtless requests for assistance can have a major impact on those who need a fast police response.

"We don’t want there to be any delays in dealing with genuine emergencies because of non-emergency calls to 999 or, worse still, deliberate jokes."


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