Incredibly Complicated Lego Machine Will Make Your Jaw Drop (Video)

03/01/2012 12:31

As anyone who's played with the multi-coloured plastic bricks will tell you, Lego is amazing. Simple as that, really.

Whether you were introduced to the Danish toy as a young 'un with a bottomless tub of bricks or only know it through those film tie-in games they keep releasing, it's all good.

But whereas most of us are content with building a really big boat, or maybe a miniature village, one YouTuber went the extra mile, adding in motors, Technic pieces and toy trains to create and seemingly never-ending Lego network.

The main mission for this glorious piece of construction is to carry a number of tiny footballs and basketballs around in a circle.

Written out like that, it doesn't seem that impressive - but trust us, as soon as you click play, you'll realise just what a marvellous machine you're looking at.

And in honour of this epic piece of kit, we've gathered together some other amazing Lego designs, all of which you can find below. Huzzah!


Incredible Lego Machines
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