Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 1 (Of 52)

06/01/2012 12:55 | Updated 12 January 2012

Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully it will be, as John Lennon promised, a good one.

Wait. He did promise that, right?

Regardless: to kick off the new year funnies, we* have been trawling Twitter this week so you don't have to. Mainly because 'trawling' isn't, possibly, the best way to enjoy Twitter. For those of you new to the microblogging site (copyright: print media) in 2012, we* suggest that instead of 'trawling', you start off by 'browsing', moving on to 'tweeting', advancing to 'engaging with others' and, if you're feeling brave, 'retweeting'.

But we* digress.

For here, in all their trawled-for glory, are just some of the best jokes, puns and funny tweets made on Twitter since this glorious new year kicked off.

WARNING: may include references to the Olympics.

Enjoy! And while you're at it, check out our** suggestions for funny tweeters to follow in 2012.


Twitter Jokes Of The Week
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