Student Elly Nowell Sends A Rejection Letter To Oxford University

18/01/2012 10:17

A student has sent her own "rejection letter" to Oxford University stating it did "not quite meet the standards" of other institutions she was considering.

Elly Nowell, from Winchester, Hampshire, had applied to Magdalen College to study Law but during her interview spent her "entire time there laughing at how seriously everything was being taken".

"While you may believe your decision to hold interviews in grand formal settings is inspiring, it allows public school applicants to flourish... and intimidates state school applicants, distorting the academic potential of both," the letter continues.

"As it happens Magdalen has a really diverse intake, both in terms of race and education," she continued. "I find it very difficult to believe someone actually turned down a place at Oxford just to be self-righteous. Frankly the whole thing sounds like a pathetic publicity stunt.’

An Oxford University spokesperson said: "Despite what the candidate said, we would point out that the actual admissions figures speak for themselves: of the seven UK students who received offers for Law and joint school courses at Magdalen, only one was from an independent school."

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