Vampire Woman Maria Hose Cristerna Is Special Guest At Venezuela Expo Tattoo (PICTURES)

Mary Jose Cristerna Vampire Woman

First Posted: 30/01/2012 15:52 Updated: 30/01/2012 15:53

With pointed vampiric teeth, titanium horn implants and fluorescent eyes, it’s not necessarily Maria Hose Cristerna’s tattoos that are the most striking thing about her.

However it was the swirling body art depicting stars, skulls and creepy looking dolls that the mum-of-four from Mexico dubbed "Vampire Woman" was showing off in her role as special guest at the Venezuela Expo Tattoo 2012 in Caracas which drew the crowds.

Cristerna first got into tattoos after suffering years of domestic abuse, adding horns and piercings later including metal horn implants that were inserted beneath her skin with no pain relief.

The Expo attracted tatttoo fans from all over the world to compare piercings and colourful body art with some making the audience wince as they were pulled up on pulleys by the hooks in their chests.

Take a look at some of the painful pictures below.

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Mexican Mary Jose Cristerna aka 'The Vampire Woman' poses during the Venezuela Expo Tattoo 2012 in Caracas. Over 200 tattoo artists from countries such as Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico gather in Caracas to show this art, which also uses implants in the face and cuts in the skin. (Leo Ramirez/AFP/Getty Images)


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