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Tesco Fingernail Sandwich, Katie Sellers Finds Acrylic Surprise In Snack

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A hairdresser found herself chewing on a dirty false fingernail after tucking into a Tesco sandwich.

Katie Sellers was eating the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich when she felt something crunching between her teeth.

The 29-year-old told This Is Cornwall: “I pulled it out and it was a false nail. I felt physically sick.

“It wasn’t a nice nail – it was discoloured and dirty.”

Katie bought the sandwich for £2.40 from a Truro store on January 21, the Daily Mail reported.

She added: “I thought that people packing sandwiches had to be wearing gloves and I would not have thought they were allowed to wear false nails.”

A Tesco spokesman today confirmed a “thorough investigation” was being conducted.

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Hairdresser bites into Tesco sandwich and chews a dirty false FINGERNAIL