Homework 'Causes Arguments In A Third Of Families'

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Homework causes arguments in a third of families, parents have admitted, with some confessing to avoiding helping their children altogether.

A shocking 15% "never or rarely" assist with homework. The survey also revealed maths as the subject most parents struggle with, with half finding it "hard to grasp", compared to only 15% finding English difficult.

Carey Ann Dodah, head of curriculum development at Explore Learning, the organisation which conducted the survey, believes the arguments stem from parents' frustration at their own lack of understanding.

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"Learning styles have changed over the years. For some parents the way homework is presented can be deemed confusing.

"Parents frequently get the complaint 'but that's not the way we do it at school' when they try to help their child with their work."

Other findings from the survey, which questioned 1,000 UK parents, include:

Nearly 50% of mothers and almost 40% of fathers admitted they struggled helping their children with homework
More than two thirds of parents say their children lack in confidence in English and maths
One in 10 fathers "rarely" help their children with homework

Dodah added her company was often approached by parents who felt "confused" by the levels their children were expected to achieve.

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