Tony Blair Avoids Social Media Storm In Twitter Q&A

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Tony Blair avoided awkward questions about the Iraq war and his tax affairs during a twitter Q&A on Wednesday to celebrate interfaith harmony week.

The former prime minister focused instead on the topic at hand, answering inquiries on everything from schooling to conflict.

Anyone watching the #asktony hashtag on Twitter would have noticed questions such as "do you personally believe that all Non-Christians will burn in eternal damnation?" and "why are you such a d**k?" although he ignored all of the "trolls" who'd weighed in on the heavily trailed event.

He's the third high-profile British political figure to take part in a Q&A on Twitter this week. William Hague did one on Somalia on Monday and Michael Gove took part in one on Wednesday.

Blair wrote that interfaith action could be more "impactful" than fighting malaria, "because strong communities need people to work together + in today's world communities will often be interfaith."

Tony Blair Faith Fdn
.@CIFAorg - is interfaith action impactful beyond fighting malaria? can it build community as a whole?

Tony Blair Faith Fdn
.Cifaorg yes because strong communities need people to work together + in today's world communities will often be interfaith.

Blair also disclosed some of his "highlights" in his work at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation; debating the late Christopher Hitchens, teaching at Yale and "seeing value faiths bring on the ground."

Tony Blair Faith Fdn
What are your thoughts on the passing of Christopher Hitchens and what role to atheists have in interfaith work?

Tony Blair Faith Fdn
- Chris was great, deeply spiritual if not religious. People of faith should never be afraid of secular dialogue.

See below for some of the best questions

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