Naomi Strikes A (Bizarre) Pose

14/02/2012 15:00 | Updated 14 February 2012

It was only the other week that Naomi Campbell went on record to state that she definitely is NOT A SUPERMODEL OK?

And judging by this snap of her at last night's Elle Style Awards I'm inclined to agree.

What the heckers is that pose all about? It's like a new-born bambi taking its first tentative steps into the wilderness.

Surely she should have got the hang of this modelling lark by now? Or maybe the quarter of a century she's spent strutting up and down the world's catwalks in towering high heels has finally taken its toll and the poor lamb's knees have finally given way.

Get that woman a fur-lined, jewel-encrusted mobility scooter like, yesterday. By jove she's earned it.


Elle Style Awards 2012