Who's Duchess Kate's Valentine? (Clue - It's Not Wills)

14/02/2012 13:21 | Updated 22 May 2015

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (you've probably heard of her - The Artist Formerly Known As Kate Middleton) is spending Valentine's Day up in Liverpool doing Duchess things like visiting charities and being photographed wearing coats.

Who's Duchess Kate's Valentine? (Clue - it's not Wills)Photo: Getty
Fashion notes:

Today's coat is the brown Unlimited Celeste Flared Coat from high street retailer Hobbs (sizes 14-16 still available for £182, y'all). Todays tights, heels, dress (we're using our Duchess knowledge to guess there's a form-fitting black knitted dress under there), clutch and eyeliner are black. Today's hair is the classic Kate chestnut tumble.

Who's Duchess Kate's Valentine? (Clue - it's not Wills)Photo: PA
Valentine's notes:

Step aside Prince William because this here Valentine's cake is a present for the Duchess from eight-year-old Jaqson Johnston-Lynch.

Note to Jaqson: MyDaily debate writer Olivia Solon would be pleased with your shunning of traditional Valentine's anonymity.

Note to Wills: You are now competing with the adorable and edible gifts of an eight-year-old so you'll have to up your game or play the "Well I definitely posted it - perhaps it got lost on the way from the Falklands but it was REALLY NICE" card.

Who's Duchess Kate's Valentine? (Clue - it's not Wills)Photo: Getty
And there's more Kate below:


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