Sean Penn: Prince William's Falklands Deployment Is 'Unthinkable'


First Posted: 15/02/2012 13:20 Updated: 15/02/2012 14:28

Sean Penn has renewed his attack on Britain for its refusal to enter negotiations with Argentina over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, this time criticising the decision to send Prince William to the territory.

Speaking in Uruguay, the Hollywood actor said it was insensitive of London to allow the prince to serve a tour of duty in the region as a search and rescue pilot.

"It's unthinkable that the United Kingdom can make a conscious decision to deploy a prince within the military to the Malvinas knowing the great emotional sensitivity both of mothers and fathers in the United Kingdom and in Argentina who lost sons and daughters in a war of islands with a population of so few," he said, using the Argentinian name for the islands.

On Monday Penn said of the dispute: "The world today cannot tolerate ridiculous demonstrations of colonialism. The way of dialogue is the only way to achieve a better solution for both nations."

Commenting on condemnation of his remarks in the UK he added today: "My oh my, aren't people sensitive to the world colonialism, particularly those who implement colonialism."

On Wednesday the Commons defence committee confirmed MPs would be visiting the Falkland Islands this year in order to inspect the military facilities on the islands.

Flag Burning
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Following British plans to drill for oil just off the Falkland Islands in early 2010, protesters burned the British flag outside the Foreign Ministry building in Buenos Aires. Latin American and Caribbean nations supported Argentina's claim to sovereignty over the islands.

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