French Bulldog Named Baby Adopts Orphaned Piglets In Berlin (PICTURES)

17/02/2012 11:55 | Updated 17 February 2012

A French bulldog named Baby has stepped in to care for a litter of orphaned wild boar piglets.

The stripy little pigs were left to fend for themselves after their mother was shot by hunters in a forest just outside Berlin.

The little family were taken in by the Lehnitz animal sanctuary and Baby quickly took the three-day-old porkers under her wing by snuggling up to them to keep them warm.

Worker Norbert Damm told AP: “She thinks they are her own babies.

According to Damm, eight-year-old Baby's motherly inclinations have also seen her raise raccoons and kittens.

The babies, who weighed just two pounds each when they arrived at the sanctuary, are being bottlefed and are growing well.

They are due to be released into a nature reserve by the time they are three-months-old.


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