Passenger Films Philippine Airlines Plane Overshooting Runway By 60 Metres (VIDEO)

17/02/2012 12:01
  • Alastair Plumb Huffington Post UK

The Airphil Express Airbus A320 from Manila was set to land at Kalibo airport on the island of Panay without rolling on to the grass. It didn't.

Recorded by a passenger on his mobile phone, the footage above reveals just what a big mistake the captain made, rumbling over the runway and into a nearby field - just metres from locals' homes.

A spokesperson for the local aviation authority, Floramel Joy Fongsong, released a statement that said "the plane overshot the runway by 60 metres."

Airphil Express is one of many low-budget airlines operating today, a part of the Philippine Airlines group, but its rolling stock is relatively new, with the plane involved in this incident just a year old.