Hot Or Not (Or Scot): Top To Toe Tartan For Nicola Roberts At Mark Fast

16/12/2017 05:40 GMT

BFFs (that's 'Best Fashion Friends') Nicola Roberts and Henry Holland turned up for the Mark Fast front row on Monday. Henry wasn't there in person but one of his S/S 2012 looks had walked straight off the catwalk and onto Nicola's person!

Photos: WireImage

Doubling down on prints is always a risky move but we're going to put ourselves out there and say we reckon Nicola pulls it off. Plus she's added a quilted blue pastel bag which is exceedingly easy on the eye!

Also present at Mark Fast? Oh, y'know. Just Kanye West wearing an impressive amount of bling.

Photo: WireImage

And finally: (NAMEDROP ALERT) We bumped into both Kanye - whose security guard was best described as 'hostile' towards our attempts at befriending him - AND Nicola herself at the show!

She was LOVELY and challenged us to make a puppet of Henry Holland himself. Well, challenge accepted!

Photos: Getty/MyDaily

For more front row big names check out the gallery below: