Pancake Day Race At Parliament Won By MPs Amid Allegations Of Cheating By Journalists

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The annual pancake day race at Westminster has been dogged by controversy after the winning team of MPs were accused of cheating by failing to complete all ten laps of Victoria Gardens.

The race between three teams of MPs, Lords and journalists is in its fifteenth year and supports the British charity Rehab. The MPs team benefited from the athleticism of Tory MP Tracey Crouch, the only woman to enter the race this year, but after the race was finished Sky News' political editor Adam Boulton ordered a stewards inqury, claiming the MPs and the Lords had only done nine laps.

Adjudicator Natasha Kaplinsky then ordered a tie-break, involving one final lap around the gardens. Each team picked their fastest runner and tosser, with Crouch's impressive performance ensuring a comfortable victory for MPs.

Other MPs to take part included Lib Dem Julian Huppert and Labour's Stephen Pound. Spectators were also treated to the unlikely site of the BBC's Nick Robinson sporting a chef's hat and pinny, as our photos from the event show:


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