PMQs 22 February - NHS Reforms, David Cameron's Poll Tax?

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Ed Miliband appeared to be having fun at prime minister's questions today, having found an issue to beat David Cameron with.

The Labour leader used all his questions to slam Andrew Lansley's health reforms and warned the prime minister the Bill could be his "poll tax". Crucially for Miliband, his backbenchers seemed to be having a riot as well.

There are suggestions that the NHS is starting to cost the Tories electoral support, with an ICM/Guardian poll on Monday showing Labour had gained ground.

For his part Cameron accused Miliband of showing an "absence of leadership" for not asking questions about the Labour motion on the NHS risk register that will be debated tonight.

And in a show of support for his health secretary he reportedly gave Lansley a "fist bump" as he left the chamber. Although one tweeter suggested he may have been aiming at his head.

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