What Your Eating Type Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Eating Type Says About Your Personality

The Huffington Post UK   First Posted: 24/02/2012 17:08 Updated: 24/02/2012 17:08

Are you the kind of person who feels guilty after each bite, or someone who likes to source your food locally and ethically - or from the freezer straight into the microwave?

For many of us, our relationship with food is a complicated one, and like most, you probably have a signature 'eating type'.

Because eating is such a vital part of our everyday lives, it's little surprise that our relationship with food is closely linked to the type of person we are.

According to food coach and author of Eat Right for Your Personality Type, Karen Knowler, most of us fit into one of a number of common 'eating personalities' that reflect our character and reveal a lot more than our food preferences.

From the 'functional eater' who likes things in life to be convenient and fast-paced, to the 'sensual eater' who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, take a look to see which is your food style… and what it reveals about your personality.

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  • What Your Eating Type Says About Your Personality

  • Conscious Eater

    <strong>You're a conscious eater if you are: </strong> Passionate about food, you are big on eating locally-sourced organic produce; if you are not vegetarian or vegan, you certainly care about how humanely animals were treated in the farming of your food. <strong>What it reveals about you...</strong> "The 'conscious eater' operates from what they would consider to be their heart and or soul," says Knowler. "Their food, and usually all other life choices, are generated by what they believe to be the highest or most pure path - the kindest one - and they find a way of making it work for this very reason. "Conscious eaters typically see themselves as being in service to their path rather than the other way around. The food that they eat is very much viewed as an illustration and demonstration of their depth of spirituality and consciousness, and they believe in it very passionately. "Taken to the extreme, the conscious eater dreams of a world where everything we eat is as local, clean, nutritious and cruelty-free as possible, and all unnecessary greed, starvation, planetary pollution and suffering is a thing of the past."

  • Confused Eater

    <strong>You're a confused eater if you are:</strong> Always looking for the 'right' way to eat. Confused Eaters love to read health books and articles in their quest to find the perfect diet regime. <strong>What it reveals about you...</strong> "The 'confused eater' is generally not content when it comes to food. They desperately want to be happy (or say they do) but spend a good portion of their life and life-force energy wondering what they should be eating and if they could be doing better, or worrying about what they have eaten and whether it was the best choice after all," explains Knowler. "The main issue for the confused eater is their reluctance to tune in to their own wisdom; this may well play out in other areas of their life, with equally frustrating and debilitating consequences. "For the confused eater the world of food and eating is a minefield, and one that they keep trying to navigate even when it stops being fun."

  • Emotional Eater

    <strong>You're an emotional eater if you are:</strong> Constantly searching for answers through food. Because they typically believe that the solution begins and ends with food, their search can go on for years, until they find a way of eating that brings them harmony. <strong>What it reveals about you...</strong> "The 'emotional eater' is usually not a happy person around food because they're frequently in a state of angst about what they're eating. "They tend to oscillate between 'treating' themselves and punishing themselves depending on what is going on in their life, and food is usually the main way in which to do this. "The emotional eater desperately wants to find a way of eating that brings them harmony and, because they search outside of themselves for the solution (rather than internally, which is where the situation needs to be addressed), they can find themselves yo-yo dieting in their bid to find the 'perfect' way. "For the emotional eater, their story is usually about 'doing a dance' around food when really they should be spending their precious time and energy listening to their heart."

  • Sensual Eater

    <strong>You're a sensual eater if you are:</strong> Someone who prefers more 'decadent' foods. Sensual eaters love chocolate, cake shops and deli counters. Healthier sensual eaters will seek out the most decadent varieties of their favourite foods. <strong>What it reveals about you...</strong> "Sensual eaters are generally passionate about many things, and food is one of them," says Knowler. "They love to engage with what they eat and drink in a deeper and richer way than most people, and when they are eating they feel as if they are doing more than simply that - it's more of an experience, something that enhances their life. "Even if they feel conflicted about what they are eating, knowing that it may not be good for their health or waistline, they will still love being seduced by it. For the sensual eater, it is all about pleasure and feeling indulged."

  • Focused Eater

    <strong>You're a focused eater if you are:</strong> Your food choices are driven by an end goal such as reaching your target weight, attaining optimum health or meeting your soulmate. <strong>What it reveals about you...</strong> "The 'focused eater' is on a mission. Whether it's to lose weight, get fit, create the best life or find the perfect career or soulmate, they know where they're going and why, and my goodness they're going to get there "With the focused eater you can bet that everything they do, whether it's the food they eat or where they choose to place their other life energy, it is going to be 100 per cent aligned with whatever it is that they are going after - which is, of course, their recipe for success. "Life and food are exciting 'tools' that they work with because both get them exactly what they want."

  • Functional Eater

    <strong>You're a functional eater if you are: </strong> Often found in restaurants and takeaways where it's easy and convenient to access the food you love. At home, you love the microwave, the grill, the blender and quick-cook rice, pasta or soups. <strong>What it reveals about you...</strong> "Functional eaters don't dislike food or eating, but you could be forgiven for thinking that they do," Kowler explains. "It is not necessarily their priority that everything they eat is the best or the most delicious possible (although they'd rather it is, given the choice) - they're just not always that choosy. "They simply want to eat and they want to eat now, so that they can get on with life and do what they consider to be more important things. For the functional eater, it is all about speed and convenience."