Life After The Apocalypse: Russian Artist Vladimir Manyuhin Gives A Stark View Of The Future (PICTURES)

06/03/2012 16:17 GMT | Updated 06/03/2012 16:27 GMT

Decaying, overgrown and deserted, these nightmarish visions of the future are the eerie brainchild of Russian photographer Vladimir Manyuhin.

Manyuhin uses photo manipulation to create a fantasy wasteland, reminiscent of how the earth could be if there was no one left to populate it.

Times Square, forever associated with bustle, taxis, crowds and light displays is a rusting car lot, with tufts of grass where tourists once roamed.

The Kremlin sprouts from a countryside like a fairy castle surrounded by creeping foliage, while the Lincoln Memorial sits draped in vines, like an arcane monument in a lost city.

Entitled Life After The Apocalypse, the collection of images were created using Photoshop and 3DMax.