COMEDY Create Brilliant Razor Advert To Rival Old Spice Guy's Manly Advertising Crown (VIDEO)

07/03/2012 11:48 | Updated 07 March 2012

Old Spice guys, your time has come. Meet... guy, the funnier, slightly geekier alternative.

Where Old Spice guy - and all the replacement Old Spice Guys - were riding horses and motorbikes, Mike here is strolling around the warehouse, failing to hit tennis balls with tennis racquets and throwing things at men in bear costumes.

Ostensibly, Mike is just trying to sell us razors for a dollar a pop, but if you ignore all that, it's just a clever little skit that you'll be forwarding to all your mates in no time.

Plus, it's got a slogan that most companies would kill for: "Our Blades Are F***ing Great". Perhaps not for Sofa King, sure, but you'll take our point.

Still, though your funniest-advert-on-the-web crown may have been temporarily stolen, original Old Spice guy, we'll always love you. And to remind the rest of the world of his wonderful, manly ways, here's a little video gallery best of for the big man.


Old Spice Guy Best Of
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