International Women's Day 2012: Which Woman Inspires You?

The Huffington Post UK   First Posted: 07/03/2012 08:51 Updated: 25/06/2012 15:51

To celebrate International Women's Day 2012 (8 March), which honours the economic, political and social achievements of women past and present, we want to know "Which woman inspires you?".

To give you some inspiration, we posed the question to the Huffington Post UK team.

From frontline war reporters and inspirational writers to feminist revolutionaries and social activists, here they pay homage to their heroines.

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Kate Adie, Journalist
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"Maybe it's because she's adopted, like me, and always felt like a bit of an outsider. Maybe it's because, like me, she followed her dream to forge a successful career in journalism - and did her best to ignore any sexism she met along the way.  

"Maybe it's because she was one of the first ever female war reporters on TV, repeatedly putting her life on the line to beam the truth about the horrors of war into living rooms the length and breadth of Britain with integrity, authority and heart. Maybe it's because she has continued to excel in her career and remains one of the most accomplished female broadcasters working in the UK today at the age of 66.

"Or maybe the reason I find Kate Adie so incredibly inspirational is because she looked so bloody cool in a flak jacket."

Jody Thompson, Blogs Editor