Strange Crisp Flavours From Around The World (PICTURES)

Crisps Lead

Huffington Post UK   First Posted: 8/03/2012 13:46 Updated: 8/03/2012 14:23

Hot on the heels of our list of the world’s weirdest ice cream flavours (charcoal or crab, anyone?) here’s a selection of 10 of the oddest kinds of crisps.

If you'd turn your nose up at a bag of bog-standard ready salted or cheese and onion, we can offer you a choice of tuna salad, cucumber or haggis and black pepper.

(We’ve sneaked in prawn cocktail just because we hate them).

Visit Buzzfeed for a mammoth list of 31 weird flavours.

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Feast your tastebuds on the 20 most bizarre ice cream flavours from around the world
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  • Squid Ink

    Ever wondered what squid ink tastes like? Order a squid ink ice cream (with a flake?!) to find out. If squid ink doesn't appeal, you could always try a chewy octopus ice cream called Taco Aisu - another Japanese ice cream delight.

  • Garlic

    Gilroy, a town in California prides itself as the garlic capital of the world and has created a garlic tasting ice cream to cement its reputation.

  • Chicken Wing

    If you prefer your chicken wings cold - or frozen - chicken ice cream is the way forward. This southern fried icy favourite is found in Nagoya, Japan, which is famous for its poultry.

  • Spaghetti And Cheese

    Made with cheese flavoured ice cream and ground up spaghetti, this ice cream flavour is popular in Germany and Italy.

  • Charcoal

    This charred ice cream combines the carbon taste of coal and the cold sensation from the ice.

  • Bacon

    Candied bacon ice cream is a popular flavour among big meat eaters. It's made by adding egg custard and chopped crispy bacon, marinated in maple syrup.

  • Caviar

    Enjoy caviar with a twist with this posh, gourmet ice cream made of white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian caviar and plain ice cream. This is mostly found in France.

  • Cheese

    In the Philippines you're more likely to find your favourite cheddar cheese in a bowl of ice cream than you are between two slices of bread. This ice cream even has chunks of cheese to add to the tangy cheese flavour.

  • Crab Meat

    Crab ice cream, otherwise known as Kani Aisu is another favourite flavour in... you guessed it, Japan.

  • Sweet Potato

    Potatoes combined with ice cream are a firm favourite in Japan for its combination of sweet tastes and stodgy texture.

  • Salad

    If you fancy a salad with an edge, enjoy your cucumber, peppers and lettuce in ice cream form. Another favourite among Japanese ice cream enthusiast

  • Curry

    Although it's frozen, the Japanese curry flavoured ice cream packs a punch and is apparently so spicy, the taste lingers in your mouth for hours.

  • 'Viagra'

    Promising to boost your performance in the bedroom, the viagra ice cream is a fruity mixture of gingko biloba, arginine and guarana - all well-known aphrodisiac ingredients. This flavour was invented by Italian entrepreneur, Franco Corradi. Note that the ice cream is also the same colour as the Viagra pill...

  • Foie Gras

    This French ice cream delicacy was created by specialist's Phillippe Faur and is made from the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force feeding. This dessert costs from £100 and doesn't come with a cone.

  • Goats MIlk And Meat

    Goats ice cream is a very popular ice cream flavour in Asia. This unusual flavour is made from goats milk, complete with tasty chunk of goats meat...

  • Jalapeno

    Also known as the 'cold sweat', this chilli infused ice cream is a concoction of the hottest chillis and ice cream. This bizarre ice cream flavour is thought to have originated in Mexico.

  • Ox Tongue

    Another Japanese favourite, the ox tongue ice cream contains chunks of tongue combined with sour milk ice cream.

  • Raw Horse Flesh

    This unsavoury flavour is made of vanilla ice cream mixed with raw horse flesh, isn't for those with a weak stomach. Also known as Basashi Ice, it's a favourite in Japan.

  • Sweetcorn

    Sweetcorn ice cream is a popular ice cream flavour in the US and people choose to have the kernels hard and crunchy, or blended in with the milky ice cream mix.

  • Tartare

    Frozen tartare - raw meat - is the 'trendy' ice cream du jour. Enjoy it from a cone complete with a herb garnish.