Son Teaches Mum To Drive...Before She Runs Him Over!

09/03/2012 12:17 | Updated 22 May 2015
Learner driver, L platePA
When a devoted son in Australia took the quite frankly brave decision to teach his mum to drive, he had no idea it would end quite so badly.

The 35-year-old had been giving his mum driving lessons, but it all went dramatically wrong when she accidently ran him over during a lesson.

The unnamed man from Toowoomba in Australia had to be flown to Brisbane for treatment after his mum ran him over and then crashed into a tree.

"It appears the man has gone to get out of the passenger side seat when the car has suddenly reversed, knocking him to the ground," said RACQ CareFlight air crewman Mark Arthur.

"The lady has then backed the car into a tree and sustained minor injuries herself. The door of the car was ripped off in the accident."

He escaped with pelvic injuries but is said to be in a stable condition after the accident.

No word on if mum is still behind the wheel...

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