Best Student Pranks, From Tin Foil To Fake Blood (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK   First Posted: 15/03/2012 11:03 Updated: 24/07/2012 16:11

A Southampton student had a rather large surprise when he returned to university last week to find his room covered top to bottom in tin foil.

His Southampton Solent university flatmates decided to wrap every single item in his room in the material, including individual DVDs and stationery in his drawers.

Jake took the prank surprisingly well, announcing "I quite like it. It feels like I'm in a space ship," before then deciding "I'm going to have to stay in someone else's room".

We've put together a gallery of the best student pranks. If you think you've done a funnier one, send in a picture or video and we'll publish it.

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  • funny scary pranks

    Just check out how I scared my friend, Denise :))) She was getting ready for party with 2 more friends at her room, while me and couple of residents decided to prank her like this :))) The original video lasted around 5 minutes since she was busy at her room, but finally... :))) Place: Skeppsbron student accommodation, J

  • Dead Student - Prank on Teacher

    This is how we got back at our teacher for failing us. We used fake blood to make her think Dan was dead, she flips out!

  • Student pranks lecture in gorilla suit!

  • Exchange Student Pranks

    I put a pencil under my wrist and it makes a breaking sound and scares our exchange student! funny stuff.. Good times good times...

  • Superman saves USyd students from the dreaded finance lecture

    Hilarity ensues This is just another angle of the 'Superman at Uni- Epic Fail' video. In this vid you can also see the guy who was holding the door closed... legend

  • Superman at Uni - epic fail http Failed uni stunt by I Heart Uni Superman 'David Webb'..

  • Reading University 2009 Cling film Prank

    Reading University 2009, Andrew Evans returned from a four day vacation to find his entire room covered in clingfilm and newspaper. To make the matter worse he had an assignment due the next day.

  • Cling Film Door Prank

    Jack Smelt gets pranked by cling film

  • Irish Flatmate Gets Pranked With 1000 Cups of Water (HD)

    An Irish Students room stupidly left open in Scotland... 1000 Plastic Cups...

  • Ultimate College Flour Prank

    Angry man gets hit in the head by flour when he arrives back to university