15/03/2012 17:38 GMT | Updated 15/03/2012 17:40 GMT

Coolest New iPad Unboxing Ever?

Is this the coolest iPad unboxing ever? To be fair, as it was filmed in the London ice bar, you'd have to agree that it's cool as ice.

The iPad, which is available to the public on 16 March from 8am, found its way into the hot little hands of the T3 gadgets team well before the official launch.

Besides shoe fetishists, no-one seems to love unboxing more than gadget fans.

While some might choose a gadget with a level head and take it out of its box just to use it, others crave the unboxing experience - partly to be amongst the first to see a gadget, and partly to film it and share it on YouTube.

Watch some more unboxing below: