In celebration of Mother's Day, we here at Huffington Post UK Comedy have done what comes naturally: compiled a silly gallery of awkward mother photographs.

Yes, prepare to cringe/laugh/thank your lucky stars that you didn't grow up in one of these families, courtesy of our lovely friends over at Awkward Family Photos.

From being forced to wear matching outfits to being forced to perm your hair, we're sure there's something laughable relatable in here for everyone. And don't forget to choose your favourites using the star system on the right.

Meanwhile, to all you mums out there: Happy Mother's Day! Make sure you put your feet up, take it easy... and don't ever force your children to dress up in cow costumes.

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  • "Look into my eyes... You are feeling very, very stupid..."

  • It's amazing what you can craft out of two gingham tablecloths

  • Hands up who forced their kids into showbiz?

  • C3PO's secret wife and daughter are revealed

  • Awkward swimsuit pose #1: 'The Optimist'

  • Awkward swimsuit pose #2: 'The Stacey's Mom'

  • Wait - how did Sandi Toksvig get in here?

  • At least these kids can remain anonymous

  • Festive, and in no way inappropriate

  • There's never a right time to say you want a divorce

  • Stop! Or My Mom Will Belly-Dance!

  • Eyes right...

  • Because sometimes even mothers fancy a threesome

  • Blood is thicker than water. But water's pretty thick, too

  • Fact: only their mother has naturally curly hair

  • Can you spot the gender-specific difference?

  • Jane Lynch: The early, mothering, years

  • Cowgirls with their cowmother

  • 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' - the reality

  • [Insert mother-in-law joke here]

  • Hooray! It's the water cooler guy!

  • If you'd married this man, you'd look awkward, too

  • We've all tried to trap our parents behind a sofa - right?

  • When mothers-of-the-bride almost attack

  • And the Awkward Mother Of The Year award goes to...

(All images: Awkward Family Photos)