Jason Donovan Admits Having Hair Transplant

21/03/2012 08:18 | Updated 21 March 2012
  • WENN

Jason Donovan has been keeping a big secret under his hat - he's had a hair transplant.

The former Neighbours star was famed for his floppy blond locks in his heyday but his crowning glory thinned out in subsequent years.

However, when he burst back on the scene in Strictly Come Dancing, it wasn't only his profile which was given a boost - his hairline was also looking a bit thicker.

Jason has now admitted he underwent the same procedure as Wayne Rooney, who spent £30,000 on restoring his receding locks last year.

The admission came after a taped interview with Piers Morgan, during which he let slip that he had undergone the procedure.

"Piers was being cheeky about his hair apparently thickening and he let slip that he'd 'done a Rooney.


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