18 Weird Student Societies You Absolutely HAVE To Join At University

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There are many weird and wonderful societies in studentville but some are more bizarre than others.

From the rock paper scissors society to the kettle society, there's one for everyone and we've rounded up the best. Well, what else would students do with all that free time?

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    Sheffield University's Assassins' Guild
    "So, what are we exactly? "No, we are not a group of homicidal students that go round opening fire on unsuspecting students. Well, not exactly... "The Assassin's Guild runs a series of non-lethal games of mock-assassination where players are designated a target which they then have to hunt down whilst being targeted themselves. The last player left alive is the winner! These games will take place in a variety of guises over the course of the year with a healthy dose of socials along the way to keep everyones spirits up! We can't be killing each other ALL the time..."
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    Stitch and Bitch
    Credit: PA
    Leeds University has its very own "stitch n bitch" society where people stitch...and bitch. But, fear not, it has been hauled into the 21st century and even has its own Facebook page which boasts erm, nine members... This lady is evidently not a student but she is bang on trend with one of the latest crazes to hit universities across the UK. Yep, that's right, granny knitting is now cool.
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    The Cambridge Tiddlywinks society
    Perhaps not the most athletically demanding of games but Tiddlywinks has made a comeback. The quaint "sport" is played in universities such as Cambridge, whose students regularly hold tournaments against their old foes Oxford. They describe themselves as a "very sociable society" Credit: PA
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    The Kettle Society
    More normal than it sounds, actually. Nottingham students gather to broaden their horizons with the club's tea tasting and around-the-world workshops. "Ladies & Gentlemen, start your kettles!"
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    Mario Kart society
    Essex University prefers to keep schtum about the details of this evidently top-secret group. We can only guess it may have something to do with a small Italian called Mario.
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    KiguSoc,York University
    "KiguSoc aims to bring together people who have a genuine enthusiasm for Kigus or onesies. Although typically designed for indoor use, we believe there is no occasion or activity that is not improved by a Kigu. KiguSoc is for those who aren't afraid to get out there and show their love of fleece to the world!"
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    Twenty Minute Society, Newcastle University
    "We organise events every few weeks which you will receive a text on your phone 20 minutes before with a location of where to meet. "We do a range of activities such as paint balling, comedy nights - the list goes on and on. We also have a mystery holiday once a year, previous destinations being Prague, Amsterdam and Dublin!"
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    University of Kent's Competitive Eating Society
    "UKC Competitive Eating Society hosts eating challenges at locations on campus and in town. We aim to do speed, spice and quantity challenges, as well as putting on some team events. "Important point – You don’t have to attend all the events and you don’t have to be a strong competitor! We’re not what competitive eating looks like on TV where people are desperately pushing food in their mouths with bibs and buckets. Well, not always :) "In the past we’ve done the Chicken Nugget Centurion, the One Metre Pizza, and the Hot Curry challenge among others, but we’ve got loads planned for this year."
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    UEA Beekeeping Society
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    "For anyone in and around Norwich, Norfolk, with an interest in keeping honeybees for pleasure or profit (or both!). An opportunity to share knowledge and experiences for everyone's benefit but especially the bees."
  • 10
    Pagan Society, Newcastle University
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    "A meeting place for young Pagans to chat + discuss their faith in an open, friendly environment. We have regular trips to natural beauty spots/ heritage sites + altered open rituals with local Pagan groups."
  • 11
    Lancaster University Role Playing Society
    "LURPS is a well established society for tabletop and live action roleplaying, as well as collectable card gaming and tabletop wargaming. We have a large membership of over 100 roleplayers, and run various events almost every day of the week. New and experienced gamers are more than welcome to join."
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    The Pirate Society, University of Sussex
    "Avast, all ye salty seadogs! Be ye a'hankering for adventure on the high seas? Have ye a love of the sea and a lust for buried treasure? Do ye look great in a tricorn hat? "If the answer to these riddles be yaaaar, then the USSU Pirate Society be for ye! Sign yer mark and join our crew, and be a part of the Union's original and best truly pointless society! "We promise nothing more or less than pure fun, and ask of ye nothing more than yer name and email address! Find us through the Union website, or join our crew by seeking "USSU Pirate Society" on the Book of Faces! YAAAAARRRRR!!"
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    Hummus Society, University of Warwick and London School of Economics
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    "Mission: To bring Hummus to the lives of others." Two rival university societies dedicated to the love of hummus located at Warwick and LSE.

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