Funniest 'Mad Men' Poster Graffiti From America (PICTURES)

27/03/2012 10:37 | Updated 27 March 2012

Despite it now being in its fifth season - and despite the impression you might get from The Guardian - the gorgeous, slick, smart drama Mad Men is still a little unfamiliar to most Brits.

Which is why, over here, the posters that have been advertising the new series have been GREAT BIG PICTURES OF THEIR HEADS. Look! It's HANDSOME JON HAMM as Don Draper! Look! It's SMOULDERING CHRISTINA HENDRICKS as Joan Whatsername!

Over in the US, however, Mad Men is an even bigger middle-class deal - and thus the poster campaign for the fifth season has been rather more subtle. So subtle, in fact, that it's led to New Yorkers 'adapting' it to fit their own amusing needs. Just take a look at some of the examples below:


Best Mad Men Poster Grafitti
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