Tonight's TV Pick: Mad Men, Reggie Yates: Teen Gangs, Horizon

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Sky Atlantic
Sky Atlantic

Mad Men - Sky Atlantic HD, 9.00pm

Mad Men returns for its fifth series tonight and, if the prospect of Team Sterling Cooper's long-awaited return wasn't enough, Sky Atlantic HD have also come up with their own advertising gimmick.

During the double bill, all the ads sold will be transformed from your usual life insurance ads to some of the 14 most iconic retro-adverts of the Sixties onwards, revived for one night only, including the original Cadbury’s Flake Girl commercial.

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And if you don't have Sky Atlantic channel, then these shows are also worth a watch...

Horizon - Global Weirding - BBC2, 9pm

Tonight's Horizon documents the work of scientists trying to understand why the world's weather seems to be getting more extreme, from record rains in Scotland to droughts in Texas and a boom in hurricanes.

It also examines if these patterns are a taste of what is to come and in one amazing scene, the cameras head right into the heart of the storm.

Reggie Yates: Teen Gangs - BBC3, 9pm

Reggie Yates has recently scooped the coveted job of co-hosting the BBC's new talent show The Voice alongside Holly Willoughby, where he is seen comforting grandparents as their wannabe superstar family members perform in the competition.

However, in tonight's documentary, we see a different side to Yates as he visits the country’s inner cities to talk to shifty youths in baseball caps and hoodies in an attempt to get an explanation for why teenagers join gangs. He also meets two 22-year-olds who found peer pressure and the temptation of easy money hard to resist, but are now trying to turn their lives around.

Mad Men Season 5
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