Tulisa's Sex Tape Goes On Sale In Soho Sex Shops

28/03/2012 15:09 | Updated 20 April 2012

We have a feeling Tulisa isn't going to be best pleased about this...

Despite her best efforts to contain her sex tape, it has gone on sale in the sex shops of London's Soho.

The X Factor judge had obtained a gagging order (still making us LOL) to get the tape removed from the internet.

But if the whole hoo-ha passed you by and you can't understand what all the fuss is about, a hard copy can now be yours to own forever.

Tulisa has kept a low profile since the tape leaked onto the internet last Monday, but last night she ventured out for the first time since the revelations to Drake's gig at London's O2 Arena.

However, a red faced Tulisa decided to leave early after hearing people in the crowd making comments about the tape, according to The Sun.

"She said a quiet 'Hello' to them — but then went straight out the back door, let out a big squeal and took a deep breath before going back in to face them.

"It was a really uncomfortable atmosphere because she is so embarrassed about the tape."



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