Ladies, its time to make the most of your assets – for it is, of course, National Cleavage Day!

Yes, the annual celebration created by Wonderbra is a day of appreciation for breasts in all shapes and sizes.

The bra-maker says: “We view this as a day for women to acknowledge that their cleavage is something unique and encourage you all to be proud of it.”

Lingerie firm Ann Summers chose the occasion mark the opening of a new store on London's Wardour Street - along with a number of recruits dressed just in their underwear

According to its research: “Most British women are happy to showcase a bit of cleavage as it helps make them feel feminine, sexy, and gives them confidence.”

This year the brand held a poll asking 1,000 women which celebrities they thought had the perfect cleavage.

Holly Willoughby steals the crown this year and will be the first person inducted into the Wonderbra Cleavage Hall of Fame.

Here is the list in full.

1. Holly Willoughby
2. Scarlett Johansson
3. Beyonce
4. Rihanna
5. Marilyn Monroe
6. Dita Von Teese
7. Katy Perry
8. Brigitte Bardot
9. Kim Kardashian
10. Lara Stone

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  • Number 1: Holly Willoughby

    Number 1 spot in the cleavage chart: Holly Willoughby. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 2: Scarlett Johansson

    Number 2 in the cleavage chart: Scarlett Johansson. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 3: Beyonce

    Number 3 in the cleavage chart: Beyonce. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 4: Rihanna

    Number 4 in the cleavage chart: Rihanna. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 5: Marilyn Monroe

    Number 5 in the cleavage chart: Marilyn Monroe. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 6: Dita Von Teese

    Number 6 in the cleavage chart: Dita Von Teese. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 7: Katy Perry

    Number 7 in the cleavage chart: Katy Perry. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 8: Brigitte Bardot

    Number 8 in the cleavage chart: Brigitte Bardot. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 9: Kim Kardashian

    Number 9 in the cleavage chart: Kim Kardashian. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

  • Number 10: Lara Stone

    Number 10 in the cleavage chart: Lara Stone. (Wonderbra Cleavage Hall) (Photo credit: PA)

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