London Mayoral Election 2012 (Live Updates)

04/02/2012 04:22 pm 16:22:06 | Updated 10 April 2012

With just under a month to go until the 3rd of May, the campaign to become the next Mayor of London is hotting up.

Boris Johnson seeking re-election for a second term, and Ken Livingstone his main challenger. The Labour candidate, who was the inaugural London Mayor in 2000 and who held the post for eight years, is seeking to prove to Londoners
that he deserves his old job back.

The latest poll shows Boris five points ahead, with evidence that Livingstone's tax efficiency measures (paying lots of his salary into a holding company which appears to do nothing) and his highly controversial comments about Jews have const him support.

But despite Boris' lead some Tory strategists believe the end result will be a lot closer than expected, particularly if the Conservative Party continues to suffer a drubbing in the national press and opinion polls, as they have done in recent weeks since an unpopular Budget and rows about cash-for-access to Number 10 Downing Street.

We'll be covering the build-up to the election on our live-blog below, plus you can read every story related to the contest on our Big Mayoral Election News Page here.

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