Prada To Kit Out The Italian Sailing Team For The 2012 Olympics

04/04/2012 15:32 | Updated 22 May 2015

We might have Stella McCartney dressing team GB for the 2012 Olympics, but we're not the only nation to bag a big name designer. Prada has confirmed that it is designing the Olympics and Paralympics kit for the Italian sailing team.

prada-kitPhotos: Prada
Speaking about the collaboration, the president of the Italian sailing federation said, "We are extremely proud to have Prada as a sponsor. The Prada brand is not just a flagship of Italy

worldwide, but it has always been very closely connected to our sport and has nearly

become synonymous with major sailing challenges".

So will the blue-heavy outfits make them the most stylish sailors on the water? Probably, and the rest of Italy's competitors won't exactly be missing out on the style front either -

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