Try Not To Stare Into This Dog's Eyes (VIDEO)

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We have a task for you, Huffington Post UK Comedy reader - a task that involves your eyes, your patience and this dog.

The task is this: after clicking play on the video above, can you beat this blue-eyed dog at a staring competition? And, once you've attempted that, can you watch this clip without staring into his piercing pupils?

At a guess, we'd say you can't - if only because we can't, and we like to think we're pretty good at this sort of thing. After all, we've practised with the best: Jessica Alba, The Old Spice Guy, Miss Piggy from The Muppets and Animal from The Muppets - and now you can too thanks to this handy staring competition video gallery.

N.B. There's one at the end with Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton that some may consider a touch NSFW, so you may want to skip that one. Or not. You'll see what we mean pretty quickly...

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