Amy Childs Overdoes The Hairspray (Naturally) To Kick Off Essex Fashion Week

09/04/2012 10:45 | Updated 22 May 2015

Orange skin, layers of false eyelashes and a bouffant hairdo that looks like it's required multiple canisters of hair spray to stay lifted? Amy Childs must be in town.

Amy Childs overdoes the hairspray (naturally) to kick off Essex Fashion WeekHow big is this hair? Getty Images

The reality TV star was on hand to kick off Essex Fashion Week yesterday in the glamorous locale of Rainham in Greater London (move over, Milan, Paris and New York!), where she hit the catwalk to model designs from her latest fashion collection in front of TOWIE supporters like her cousin Harry Derbridge and Mark Wright's grandmother, Nanny Pat.

Amy Childs overdoes the hairspray (naturally) to kick off Essex Fashion WeekGetty Images
Amy's hair looked even more overwhelming than usual: tumbling curls, crazy backcombing and enough hair product to cause a nuclear reaction. We just hope the clothes were zip-up and didn't have to battle with that giant nest to get over her head.

What do you think of Amy's beauty look? Crazy bad or crazy cool?

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