Boris Johnson Leads Ken Livingstone By Six Points Following Tax Row

10/04/2012 15:44 BST

Ken Livingstone is trailing Boris Johnson by six points in the race to become the next Mayor of London, according to a poll published on Tuesday.

A ComRes survey carried out for the Evening Standard, LBC and ITV showed that the incumbent Conservative mayor is favoured by 53% of Londoners compared to 47% who back his Labour rival.

The poll was published as Johnson launched his re-election campaign in Richmond, south London, where he branded Livingstone a "champagne-swilling Trotskyist bendy-bus aficionado".

The rivalry between the two men has become increasingly bitter in recent days. In one incident Johnson confronted Livingstone in a cramped lift and called him a "f*****g liar'. The Mayor was upset over allegations made by Livingstone that he avoided paying his fair share of tax.

ComRes surveyed people between 2-5 April, with the argument over the candidates' tax affairs erupting on the morning of 3 April.

Before the argument that began on-air during an LBC mayoral hustings the public were split 50-50 on who they wanted to see elected mayor.

But those asked after the row (10am on Tuesday) favoured Johnson 60% to 40%.

Johnson and Livingstone are trailed by Lib Dem Brian Paddick on 6% and the Green's Jenny Jones on 4%.