Peter Andre Opens Chocolate-Themed Climbing Tower At Alton Towers

10/04/2012 13:53
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If you're wondering why Peter Andre is working the sexy fighter pilot look then wonder no more.

And no, he hasn't joined the red arrows, there's an even better reason for that outfit - he wore it to open a 32-foot tall chocolate-themed climbing tower at Alton Towers.


And yes, that is indeed a glass of chocolate he's got in his hand - taken from the chocolate waterfall that cascades down the the side of the tower. All four tonnes of the stuff.

We said you might need a little lie down.

Pete visited the Staffordshire theme park earlier today to unveil the Mt. Rocky attraction, which apparently resembles a giant version of the Rocky biscuit bar. We wouldn't know, they never stay in our hands long enough to notice.


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