Cheryl Cole Ordered To Give Up Cigarettes

13/04/2012 07:07 | Updated 12 June 2012

Cheryl Cole will be stocking up on gum and junk food - she trying to finally give up smoking for the sake of her voice.

Fans may be shocked the stunning pop star is a secret smoker, and regularly puffs on Marlboro Lights.

But her management is keen for her give up the fags over fears her habit is affecting her vocals.

And now the Fight For This Love star has vowed to bin the cigarettes - for a third time.

A source told The Sun: "Cheryl's tried giving up before but it was never that serious.

"This time around the pressure is really on - because her singing voice is her job.

"It's probably the worst time to be quitting too, with all the stress of bringing out a new album."

The star was first snapped enjoying a crafty cig with Simon Cowell during X Factor auditions in 2009. She revealed to Piers Morgan during her emotional appearance on his show in 2010 that she kept her habit to about five cigarettes a day.

She said: "'I probably smoke about five a day, not many..."


Cheryl Cole on set of new video

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