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What shocked George Osborne this week? | PA

The London Mayoral campaign has surged on and MPs pack up their bags to return to Westminster as recess draws to a close. Despite politicians being away from London and less able to gossip with each other, a lot has still happened over the past seven days.

We thought it worth putting together a little quiz so, amid your busy schedules, you can see how much you remember. After all, as they say, a week is a long time in politics!

Political Quiz Of The Week

1) Ken Livingstone was reduced to tears on Wednesday. What was it that overwhelmed him? *
Encountering Boris Johnson in a lift
Talking about his 2008 election defeat
His party election broadcast
2) What did Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude say would be a "compliment"? *
The coalition was in touch
George Osborne's budget secured the recovery
Britain was a tax haven
3) George Osborne said he was "shocked" this week. By what? *
The size of the deficit
Rich people avoiding tax
The coalition's poll ratings
4) Gaffe-prone Boris Johnson was booed at a public debate. What did he say to offend them this time ? *
The police were "fantastic" in controlling the London riots
He should be Prime Minister
The other Mayoral candidates are "liars"
5) Which publication has rebranded Scotland as "Skintland" - with the cities of "Glasgone" and "Edinborrow"? *
The Sun
The Daily Mail
The Spectator
The Economist
6) The Prime Minister, his deputy and even the Chancellor have said they would be willing to publish their tax returns, after the London Mayoral candidates published theirs. Who was responsible for this? *
Boris Johnson
Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood
Jenny Jones
Exchequer Secretary David Gauke
7) George Osborne's budget has drawn criticism for a series of new taxes. Which of these was never proposed? *
"Granny Tax"
"Pasty Tax"
"Charity Tax"
"Caravan Tax"
"Hairdresser's Chair Tax"
"Kebab Tax"

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