Tulisa Contostavlos Keen To Organise Duet With The Voice Star Jessie J

Posted: 13/04/2012 11:59 Updated: 13/04/2012 15:12   WENN

Tulisa wants to duet with Jessie J, after becoming BFF on The X Factor last year

Singer Tulisa Contostavlos is eager to organise a duet with Jessie J after the pair became firm friends during The X Factor last year.

The N-Dubz singer is a judge on the TV talent show and she chose the Price Tag hitmaker to help her pick her final four acts during the last series of Simon Cowell's hit competition.

Contostavlos admits she was so impressed with her feisty peer, she wants to hit the recording studio for a collaboration.

She tells radio station Capital FM: "Oh definitely, definitely. I don't know when but that will happen one day. I think it would sound wicked (good)."

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Jessie J, who recently became a judge on The Voice, recently threw her support behind Contostavlos after she was left devastated when a sex tape with a former boyfriend hit the web.

She said: "I love Tulisa to bits. We're young and there are things you do in life. You love like you shouldn't. But you're supposed to do stuff that's crazy."

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