'Lawyer Dog' Meme Goes Viral (PICTURES)

17/04/2012 12:46 | Updated 17 April 2012

The joy of a good meme is its simplicity. Take the 'Lawyer Dog' meme here for example: it's a dog, dressed up as a lawyer.

Now that image alone would be fun enough, but to make a decent meme truly memey, the capitalised words have to be in full effect, and would you believe it, here they are.

Combining dog jokes with lawyer jokes, it's dad joke central around here - but in the best of all possible ways. So if you've got your mouse-clicking finger ready and are up for a giggle or two dozen, then get ready, because we've got just the gallery for you.

More pictures can be found on and, and if you fancy making your own, head to the former, where they have all the required equipment.

The Best Of 'Lawyer Dog'
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